How to change advanced Upsource properties?


You might be recommnded by Upsource team to change some Upsource properties that are not available from UI. This article will tell you how to do that and provide a brief list of the most popular settings.



1. Stop Upsource server with stop (either upsource.bat stop for Windows installations).

2. Go to the <Upsource_home_directory>/conf folder

3. Open the file (create it if it doesn't exist).

4. Put a property along with a new value into this file. E.g.: upsource.mail.smtp.debug=true

5. Start Upsource server.


A short list of Upsource properties:


Property Name Default Value  Description 
upsource.github.sync.period.minutes  20  Specifies a period between GitHub synchronizations in minutes.
frontend.psi.filesize.limit   100000  A max size of a file where code navigation features will be available (in bytes).
upsource.achievements.max.threads.count  1 or 1/2 of CPU cores Values that are equal or less than 0 will turn Achievements system off
 frontend.revision.count.limit  200 The maximum number of revisions to show in a graph (branch / compare page)  2048 he maximum number of files a review may contain



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