Runnning Upsource as a Windows service


This article describes how to launch Upsource as a Windows service.


Default Upsource installation consists of 6 Java processes, however it can be run as a single Windows service. 

If you already have an Upsource installation running, stop it with "upsource.bat stop" command. After making sure that all corresponding proceccess are terminated, perform the following steps: 

- Call '<upsource>\bin\upsource.bat service'

- The program will show you 2 possible options of installation
Please make sure the user you choose to run the server under has the necessary filesystem permissions on the <upsource> installation folder.
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Running Upsource as a Windows Service

To start Upsource, run the following command:

<upsource_home>\bin\upsource.bat service install /runAsSystem

To start Upsource with another user account, run the following command:

<upsource_home>\bin\upsource.bat service install /user=<user> [/domain=<domain>] /password=<password>

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