OutOfMemory exception. How to increase JVM heap size for Upsource services?


This article describes how to increase JVM heap size of Upsource services and why you might want to do that. Note: this article doesn't cover Cassandra-related settings, please refer to this article instead.


  • Upsource services consume all memory
  • New commits are not getting indexed
  • Some (all) revisions are stuck in "indexing in progress" state
  • Web UI is extremely slow 


In the example below we'll change Xmx for upsource-frontend service: 

  1. Stop Upsource with <upsource_home>/bin/upsource.sh stop
  2. Set new Xmx value with <upsource_home>/apps/upsource-frontend/bin/upsource-frontend.sh configure -J-Xmx6000m
  3. Start Upsource with <upsource_home>/bin/upsource.sh start

To change heap size for other services (upsource-cluster-init, hub) just replace all mentions of upsource-frontend in the steps above with the required service name.


To view current JVM options for a service, use the following command:

<upsource_home>/apps/<service>/bin/<service>.sh list jvm-options


If this didn't help, please submit a request with attached logs to the Upsource Support team.

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