Upsource backup

What is an Upsource backup?

Upsource backup is a set of files required to restore an Upsource server. Only data specific to Upsource is stored in backup files, not the contents of VCS repositories. During restore all repositories will be downloaded from scratch. 

Backup contains the following data:

  • Configuration data. Configuration files for all Upsource services, such as jvmoptions, startup configuration, project configuration.
  • Hub data. Includes Upsource users, groups, roles and their permissions.
  • Reviews. XML files that contain all review data in human-readable form. They can be used for any reporting purposes or in order to migrate to another review tool. By providing an open format of review data Upsource allows you to avoid vendor lock-in.

How to make a backup?

There are several ways to perform an Upsource backup:

1. Press the Backup now link on the Administration page. 

2. Use Set up backup schedule available from the Administration page to configure automated backups.

3. Programmatically, using the exportData API call. For more information about the Upsource API please refer to the documentation. A link to the documentation is available at the bottom of every page in the Upsource user interface.

Please note: backup files are created in the Upsource home directory. For disaster recovery purposes please take care of creating off-site copies.

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