How to capture a performance snapshot?

To investigate performance issues we most likely would need a performance snapshot. Below are the steps on how it could be taken:

  • Download and install YourKit application for Java from on your machine. It's not necessary to be an Upsource server, but any machine with GUI.
  • Navigate to <upsource_home_dir>\conf\upsource-frontend folder.
  • Create a file called upsource-frontend.jvmoptions and copy there all content from the upsource-frontend.jvmoptions.dist file, located in the same directory.
  • Uncomment the line that starts with @yourkit.
  • In that line replace %YOURKIT_AGENT_LIBRARY_PATH% with your actual path to file (it's an agent file that can be found in this distribution - ). And specify any free port in the port value, e.g 10001.
  • Start (or restart) Upsource.
  • Open YourKit application, click on Connect to remote application and specify Upsource server address and connect to it. The application name will appear as upsource-frontend-wrapper.
  • In the left top corner click to "Capture Performance Snapshot" icon, save it and attach it to the existing ticket or open a new one.
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