how to change cassandra's memory setting

I am using upsource-3.5.3616.

I made a memory setting change to /var/upsource-3.5.3616/conf/cassandra/cassandra.jvmoptions.dist. However, when running, a warning reads:

 WARNING! The "/var/upsource-3.5.3616/conf/cassandra/cassandra.jvmoptions.dist" file was changed. If you changed it manually you should change the "/var/upsource-3.5.3616/conf/cassandra/cassandra.jvmoptions" file instead, otherwise just ignore this message.

However, there is no file exists at /var/upsource-3.5.3616/conf/cassandra/cassandra.jvmoptions.

So any suggestion on how to make memory changes? Also, how to verify how much memory cassandra is actually configured/using?

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HI Frank,

Just create this file manually:


And put there all content from cassandra.jvmoptions.dist file.

By default, it has an xmx limit set to 3 GB..

May I ask you - why do you want to increase/change assigned memory?

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Thanks for replying Artem. 

Actually I might not need to do that. But so far, upsource crashes every day and it is full of exceptions in the upsource-frontend/all.log file. And the web page responds slow and timeout frequently. Would you please suggest where to start looking?

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Hi Frank,

First of all, need to find a place/service where the issue starts from. It might be cassandra or frontend service itself.

If you log a support case and attach full Upsource logs, we'll help you to identify it.


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