upsource cannot start port already used

I put Hub, teamcity, youtrack and upsource on same computer, all are behind my apache proxy that forward request on port 80 to each service based on url base to (, etc).

Sometimes it happens that the port 8082 is already used when trying to launch upsource with "D:\mycomputer\upsource-3.5.3616\bin\upsource.bat start > D:\mycomputer\start_upsource.log"

Errors usually happens on restart of computer, like if I tried to access upsource but it was not started yet, then I go on server, try to start but port is used. It also happened after a good/failed stop of upsource if I do not mistaken.

With TcpView I cannot force close connection of that "non-existent" listening socket.

I manage to fix that by restarting computer and start upsource straight


Not related question:

On restart, hub service base url is always back to http://myComputerName:8080/hub but every time I set it back in service with, I installed hub with http://myComputerName:8080/hub but then how to force on restart to listen on 8080 with base url ""?

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Hi Yoann,

You might want to reconfigure Hub base URL via a command line. Try the following approach:

<Hub_instal_dir>/bin/hub.bat configure --base-url= --listen-port=8080

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Thank you, it says "Failed to create config directory: C:\ProgramData\JetBrains\Hub\conf".

I installed hub via MSI exe, on my second HDD on D:\, I looked on documentation but could not find the option to tell it to try to do that on disk D:

I even executed the command from within the folder "D:\Jetbrains\Hub\bin".

Would it be a problem if I create the folder "C:\ProgramData\JetBrains\Hub\conf" manually in C: ? Conf would be on C but everything on D:

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Hello, Yoann!

Could you please try to run that command 
<Hub_instal_dir>/bin/hub.bat configure --base-url= --listen-port=8080

from elevated CMD (run as administrator).

If it keep failing with error, could you please open directory "C:\ProgramData\JetBrains\Hub\conf" manually (this directory is not visible to users by default and require elevation to administrator) and find file 
internal/ file there, the following two properties should have been already set: base-url and listen-port.

You might manually change those properties to the following values:



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