Mercurial Subrepositories?

Hi, I used Upsource v1 & 2 at my previous job where we used Subversion. At my new job, we use Mercurial and are looking at ways to improve our code review process. So I suggested to the team that we take a look at Upsource.

The main question I have before I can fully endorse it to the team is does the current v3.5 support Mercurial subrepositories? We have one primary repo which makes use of a bunch of subrepos, so Upsource won't work for us if it doesn't natively support that structure. On the "What is supported for each VCS" page in the online help there is a note which states:

Externals/submodules are not supported in all VCS types.

But I don't see anywhere that it says which types are, and which are not supported. :-)  Does anyknow know if hg submodules are supported in the current version of Upsource?


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Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the Upsource promotion ;)

Unfortunately, HG subrepositories are not yet supported. Please see the corresponding request:

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Hi Artem,

Thanks for the reply! That's too bad. Looks like that issue is almost 3 years old, hasn't had any comments in about a year, and is just stuck on the backlog. I'd really like to push for UpSource here, but unfortunately it just won't work for us without subrepo support. :-(

Thanks for letting me know though before I tried to sell the idea. :-) We'll look for an alternative.



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