Disable automatic review closing



We have an Upsource project associated with a GitHub Enterprise repository.

We have ticked the option to automatically create a review for each pull request.

Our pull requests are automatically merged by our continuous integration system (TeamCity) if all tests are passed (then, the associated branch is deleted).

When the pull request is closed in GitHub, Upsource automatically closed the associated review. 

But we don't want it to do that. We want to keep it open so that it can be reviewed later.


Is there a way to disable this automatic behaviour (just the closing part) ?



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Hi Jeremie,

It's an interesting workflow. We didn't take it into account, so disabling such behaviour is not possible in the current version.

Btw, what do you do if a reviewer raised a concern after PR was merged into master?

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Reviews in our workflow are "non-blocking".

It is mostly concerns about the quality and consistence of the code, but developpers are allowed to fix it in a future PR, and not necessarily in the same branch.

It puts less pressure on the reviewer to have it done quickly, and on the author to have it fixed quickly.

For example, a bug fix in a release branch might have not respected some standard practices from our code base, but is functional. So the quality fix might be done in the master branch instead of the release branch.

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Hi Jeremie,

Thank you for the clarification.

We'll discuss this option, but I do not promise anything.

For now, you might want to use Upsource API to reopen a review after PR is merged.


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