Custom workflows "create reviews automatically" not showing all users

We've setup our Upsource with a repository and several users have been added.

When we want to create a custom workflow for "create reviews automatically", we don't see all of the users that have registered in the "Author" field. However, they do show up on the "Reviewers" list.

They should have the same access to the projects as the other users, so that shouldn't be the issue. We've also confirmed that they have actual commits that should trigger this workflow.

Anyone has suggestions on making this work or is it a bug?




Hi Martens,

Actually, all users who have ever committed to the repo, should be shown on the author drop down list in this custom workflow. 

Of course, there might be a bug, we are not aware of. Let's check several things in order to have a better understanding:

1. What if you open Commit Activity report ( Does it have the same list of users as in the customer workflow?

2. What if you start typing a name of a missing user in the author field? What will happen?



Thanks for the reply.

The list in the Custom Workflows (create reviews automatically) screen seems to be filtered. To answer your specific questions:

1. The Commit Author list in the Commit Activity screen has all the authors that committed to our repository. It's very different from the list in Create Reviews Automatically

2. Starting to type a name doesn't filter at all on the Create Reviews Automatically screen (but it does on the Commit Activity)


A few things to clarify perhaps:

- Our Upsource server has been set up quite recently, and not all users (authors) have connected (and so not created an account) yet. We would understand if this is automatically filtered on the Create Reviews Automatically screen. However, in this particular case, we know for sure that the account exists (especially because of the next point:

- The Create Reviews Automatically screen contains 2 fields where we can select "users" (or commit authors or whichever you would call it). First, there's the "Commit Author" and second there's the "Besides, add the following reviewers" field. Both of them don't display the same list. Both at least seem to filter on actual registered users in Upsource (which is understandable), but the problem we have is that the first field (commit author) seems to miss a few of the users, while at the same time, they are present in the second field (add reviewers).


Ok, thank you for the clarification.

What if you open user profile page ( of some of the "missing" users and switch to the projects tab, do you see any projects there?



When going to the profile (both in Upsource and Hub), the users exist and have the correct projects linked to them.

We notice the following for one of the missing users:

- There's nothing in News Feed
- The project tab sees the user as a committer and detects correctly the last commit
- There are no reviews available ("No reviews found" and "No data has been recorded yet"
- The commits tab displays the commits of the user + shows the reviews linked to it

Note that we also checked for other user profiles (that are correctly in the "Commit Authors" drop-down for Create Reviews Automatically) and we noticed similar display. So nothing in News Feed and nothing on the Reviews tab.


Our system administrators have integrated LDAP authentication (connected to a Microsoft Active Directory) and we asked all users to add their public ssh key to the profile (but that didn't make any difference).


Probably unrelated, but I'll mention it anyway. When on the Users profile page in Upsource, if we switch between the Commits tab and the Projects tab (back and forth), the list of commits doesn't always correctly show all commits (even when we click on "more" on the commits tab). Only when we refresh the page, the full list of commits is shown again.


Could you please log a support case and attach Upsource logs?


Created the issue, but which log files do you need (there seem to be many)?


The whole logs directory. (You can make it visible only to jetbrains-team)


Logs directory uploaded as tar.gz and made visible to upsource-developers.


The issue was solved by the latest version 2017.1.


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