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I have a few questions and comments about the updated Omni Search feature. This tool has found use by some of our non-deveoper team members such business analysts.They are enjoying searching our code base without caring what git repository the file is stored in.  For this reason I am getting many usability questions about the search feature.

Cross Project File Search

1) We have 40+ repositories. How can I be guaranteed that all the repositories are being searched?  I have run tests where I can say that the search results do not represent all the repositories.  Is there an internal property value that I can increase that will allow this?

2) When searching for a file that exists in many repos, it takes a series of clicks (...) to keep searching. As you keep expanding the search the box, it gets too big for the screen.  I was hoping for a full search page like the way the text search is handled.

3) If a full search screen did exist, a 'nice to have feature' would be the ability to export the search results in some way.

Cross Project Text Search

1) Same question as above. Can I be sure that all projects are searched?

2) The search results default to expand all code snippets. There is also no option to close it.  Is there a plan to add this? It would be very useful if the option would exist to default the initial search to just the file names and so on.  Many other areas do this already.

3) Not sure if this is a bug, but of the expanded search results, some of the snippets just render a blank box. Clicking on it shows the code, but this seems to be random. I have seen this on both Firefox and Chrome.

Product Roadmap

We find that EAP process for Teamcity very helpfull.  It would be nice if the Upsource project had this as well.


Thank You

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Thank you for the detailed and so valuable feedback.  

Most of your points are indeed from a non-developer angle, which, unfortunately, wasn't considered that much during cross-project file/text search implementation. However, we would like to expand product usage among non-developer teams and make it possible to address business needs with a help of Upsource.

As for your questions/statements, please see my comments below:

Cross Project File Search

1) By default, a file search is limited to 10 projects. This limit is hard coded and of course If necessary we can make it configurable via a property file. Let me know.

2) That indeed may happen, if there are too many files found. We didn't have a chance to see such scenario in real production, maybe it's because we used only developer approach. Could you please share (if it's not against any privacy policy of course) what kind of files caused this issue? An additional page for file search would require some dev efforts, so we would need to understand a real case.

3) There is always a "save to pdf" option in a browser. Does it work in that case?


Cross Project Text Search

1) No guarantee, the search is limited for the performance purposes. You may increase the limit in <upsource_home_dir>/conf/ file by adding `` value. By default, it's set to 100. So this limit is not for projects, but for search results.

2) Well, it's an interesting idea, however, might be a bit confusing in the case of text search. The full-text search results without a text;) There is an Upsource API that might be used to build such page. From the product side perspective, don't think it will be added in the nearest future.

3) It's a known bug, we are currently struggling with. Hopefully, will be fixed in the nearest product update. 


As for EAP. We used to have it, but after switching to short releases cycle got rid of it. Our aspiration is to have 4 major releases per year. And there is also a public server, where we deploy latest builds from the master -

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Thank you for the response.

"1) By default, a file search is limited to 10 projects. This limit is hard coded and of course If necessary we can make it configurable via a property file. Let me know."

Yes please tell me what is involved in order to increase this limit. 

I would also sugesst that this limitation should be clearly indicated in the documentation.

So in summary if I increase the project search limit and the I should be guranteed that all my repos are being looked at?

Thanks again.


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1) Ok, please follow the corresponding request - Should be implemented by the nearest major release. Once it's implemented, we'll add it into the doc.

Yes, if you increase search.querry.limit and configure a property that is not yet implemented, search results will cover all of your projects.


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