IIS 7.5 reverse proxy does not work

I have followed the directions to create an IIS 7.5 reverse proxy with websocket support. However, the browser console reports:.

Warning: WebSocket transport is not available, using polling (if this message appears repeatedly, please refer to our documentation for troubleshooting: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/upsource/2017.1/proxy-configuration.html)

The devtools show that the websocket connection was successfully established, but no data is flowing. It is possible the issue is this the `permessage-deflate` extension as described in the answer here:


Is there a configuration value in upsource that will allow me to disable this extension i.e. that basically executes this code:



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Don't really understand how this article is related to Upsource. Upsource uses websocket.io, so probably you might want to dig in that direction.


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