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so we work in a microservice manner, with a good number of repositories and new one popping up all the time. unfortunately, this currently requires me to manually setup a new "project" in upsource for each new repository. These all (or nearly-so) fall into a single JIRA project, running on the same CI build farm. so all the issue IDs and URLs are the same.

this means i also need to configure the git repository (including credentials), JIRA integration (including credentials), Code Intelligence, Custom Workflows, CI notifications (including credentials), and various other things each time. 

This also means that when we change the way one of those needs to be configured I need to manually open each configuration an update it. 

needless to say this is time consuming and error-prone. 

I am hopeful that i have simply missed the ability to share configurations and/or set default configuration for all new projects. is there anything i can do to keep myself from having to manually enter username and password (or ssh key) two or more times per project? or use  unified workflow across projects?

if it matters, we use a unified HUB project that has each upsource code-review project inside it.

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Really any help is appreciated, I am a lead developer on this project, and really don't want to spend so much of my time configuring and administering Upsource. so any tips or tricks to help me save time here would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Kyle,

Nope, you haven't missed anything in the product. There is no a possibility to clone project settings or create templates. Please watch for the corresponding request:

However, from your description, I have a feeling that all of your repositories might be added into a single Upsource project (it will save time at least on workflow, integration, and intelligence configuration). Please refer to "Project is hosted in multiple repositories" checkbox on the project settings page. Please let me know if it works for you.

And of course, there is always Upsource API that might be used for automatic project creation. API doc -


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