Commits with deleted files not indexing

I have Upsource tracking a svn repository containing a Unity project, working with YouTrack and is generally working correctly. However, I have submitted two commits which contain removed files, and these commits aren't being indexed at all. Since there is a YouTrack task ID in the commit message, it's properly linking to the task, but the neither the commit nor the commit number links to the revision page as it does usually. Since it's not indexing, a review isn't being created. Also, for some reason, it's indenting these commits less on the branch timeline, but I assume that's because they're not indexed?


Is there a known issue with indexing deleting files that we will just have to work around, or is there something that needs to happen for this to work properly?


It's definitely not an expected behaviour. Please log a support case and attach full Upsource logs. -

Thank you in advance.


I'm not sure what you mean by logging a support case, do you mean on the YouTrack issue tracker?


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