What Upsource version are you using? Also could you please make a screenshot of the whole page?

It will give answers to the following questions: 

- If code intelligence is enabled

- On what exact page are you trying to get this feature. Looks like "file view", but want to be sure..

Thank you in advance.



Thanks Artem! I am using 'upsource-2017.1.1781', and code intelligence has been enabled.My project is building using maven :

when i browse code, in the popup window, there are no 'find usages' option:



There should be an icon in the top right corner of the file, which indicates what is going on with code intelligence at the moment (if hover o it):

What does it say in your case?

As for the menu with a dark background (your first screenshot in this thread), it appears when you select some text in the file. In order to get a menu with "find usages" option, you have to click on method (etc). If it's not clickable, that means something wrong has happened with project model recognition.



Sorry for the delayed response. Looks like the file is out of the project model. Does it happen to all of the files in the repo?


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