Phrase search in Upsource 2017.1.1821 not working as expected

Phrase search seems to be broken with Upsource 2017.1.1821.

When I query with phrase search like following (“#noreview”), it include one commit for that time and skips another one.
Filter: - date: {this week} and author: {Shaikh, Mohasin} and ("#noreview")
Result: commit message -> few changes #noreview

When I query with not(“#noreview”), it includes one skipped prior and removes one shown above.
Filter: date: {this week} and author: {Shaikh, Mohasin} and not("#noreview")
Result: Skips commit above but includes new one viz. adding the plsql folder #noreview

To simply put, we want to differentiate commits with text “#noreview” which can come at any place in commit message.

This used to work with Upsource 2.5 we were using until yesterday. This has caused our internally generated reports to be incorrect.
Please look into this priority as we need to generated these emails twice a week and are important to developers.

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