Support for Visual Studio / Team Services / C# and VB.NET

This looks like a great system, given that Resharper supports deep analytics of the Microsoft stack and how Rider is built on top of a lot of the IDEA base, are there short term plans to make UpSource work with the Microsoft development platform? That would include the following products for me:

  • Visual Studio (requiring Resharper is fine by me, integration into Code Lens would be nice too)
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio Team Services (where possible integrate not only in work item tracking, but also in the code explorer to integrate review comments there)
  • Team Foundation Server 2017 and up
  • Build and Release pipeline tasks that can act as a gateway
  • Pull request integration

I'd also love it if configured Roslyn analyzers would also be shown. As we're using quite a few analyzers that are not included in Resharper by default.

Code review features in VSTS and VS in general are not the best in breed and it's very hard to keep track of comments, unless they're immediately fixed.



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Hi Jesse,

Thank you for your suggestions. Microsoft world is, of course, a significant part of the market and we do recognise the priority of all of these features. However, even with Rider coming soon, full MS stack support still require huge dev efforts and makes it really hard to estimate when it can be introduced to the world. Below are some feature requests that you might want to upvote and/or follow.

To finalise the story - we do want to make Upsource working with MS technologies, but for now, don't have any estimates to share. 

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That's unfortunate. I was looking at recommending a Code Review tool for our dev team. We use TeamCity for build so Upsource was the first choice for me, but since we're coding almost entirely in Visual Studio, this effectively removes Upsource from consideration.

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Are there any news about providing any integration at all of MS technologies into Upsource?

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As a workaround, could you support the Visaul Studio Browser Window somehow? I can reach the upsource-hub, but whenever I try to open a review or a code file, I only get a blank white window in the Visual Studio Browser. I am not into web technologies, so I have to clue why this is and whether you could make it work. This would be a nice "feature", especially on single-display machines. This would "somehow" integrate it into Visual Studio at least ;-)


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