Error: Inspections could not be calculated: operation timed out


I have gradle project (~150 modules and build duration ~3 min, configuration duration ~1 min)

When I enable "Code Intelligence" with "gradle" project type, then error rise (see title)

Can i increase timeout for gradle model conversion task?


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This error comes from the Upsource frontend and simply means that code intelligence wasn't calculated during 1 minute. In fact, it doesn't interrupt or timeout code model convertion. If you open the same file in ~5 minutes, you'll see it.

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Is there any way to speed up the calculation? We constantly have problem of waiting in queue, then indexing, and then waiting in queue again for minutes. All the reviews are usually done without Code Intelligence, so this feature does not work for us. 

Is it fixable by upsource configuration or instance tuning?


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