Additional Upsource link (from services menu dropdown) to


Running Upsource from Docker image jetbrains/upsource:2017.1.1821.

We have an additional link to in the service menu dropdown:

This is probably some old link from testing installation, hanging on after upgrade to 2017.
I have used the command `grep -R 8084` in the "conf"-folder, but can't find anything. When I run the command on "data"-folder I get binary hits in Cassandra db-files, so I would suspect it doesn't come from any configuration, but from a database file?

We would like to get rid of this link, but I'm not sure where to find it.


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You should probably navigate to the Services page in Hub and delete deprecated Upsource service there.

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Thanks for the help Artem Rokhin, that did the trick.
I wasn't able to find a link to the services page anywhere, can't say I have seen it before, but I guessed that the url would be /hub/services, and there it was, and then I could delete the service.


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