Unable to see branch commits on upsource

We are using upsource "Build 2017.1.1821" and are facing a strange issue where some of the recent commits done on a branch are not seen on upsource. We verify it by navigating to the branch url from upsource. Note that this is happening specifically for the branch named "telemetryWebservice". Commits done before 7 days are visible but any commits after that have stopped from being seen on the upsource portal. Commits to other branches are visible as expected. 
We also checked that the commits are actually visible on the git (version control system that we use) UI portal to be sure that the commits were actually being made. It's just that upsource is not showing up.

How can we troubleshoot this further? Please guide.


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Hi Amit,

First of all, you might want to check <uposurce_dir>/logs/upsource-frontend/error.log file for any issues regarding this particular repository. Also, I remember issues related to the upper case in the branch name - e.g. if you have 2 branches with the same name but with a difference in the register: telemetryWebservice and telemetrywebservice.

Anyway, logs should bring more info about what is going on with your branch.


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