Unresolved references for Python3 projects in Upsource


At first let me say thank you for your great project. It has many features and is very useful.

And now about the issue that we got. We've switched on the Code Intelligence functionality for our project that is written on Python and faced with warning messages like "New Warning: Unresolved reference 'gis'" and etc. We checked events in log files of Upsource and didn't find warnings contained information that would be useful for understanding the causes. So what is possible to do to resolve the issue and how it could be done?

Thanks in advance.


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We have this same problem with a python 2 project the logs say:


WARN    PsiIndexerQueue #1     zumper-code .impl.PythonPsiServiceProvider - Required python SDK '2' not found


Any hints on how to fix this? we have python, pip and vitrualenv installed globally on this host...


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