RPC ReviewDescriptorDTO: list of linked issues

Currently ReviewDescriptors contain a list of issuekeys and links to any linked issue in the projects issuetracker. Is the order of this list guaranteed and how is this order determined?


The order is not guaranteed and not determined. Why wouldn't you set a required order after you get a response?


At the moment there is no determined order decided. If the rpc delivered its response with a set order, then at least we could -temporarily- implement a stable workaround until the team decides on how to order and handle this list.

This decision is not trivial because we want our issuetracker to react to upsource webhooks. The ones we wish to accept (like the close/reopen), transmit the reviewId. We then retrieve the list of linked issues through the rpc (getReviewDetails) and transition our issue(s) to the appropriate state. This is a simple decisiontree for one to one issue-review relations. Many to one and many to many relations however, have not yet had their desired behaviour determined. 

We'll have to prioritize this discussion internally.


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