Is it possible to create a code review for arbitrary parts of code that are not a part of a changeset (or don't belong to the same changeset/revision)?

A slightly exaggerated scenario would be: two persons working on different modules that exchange data; some discrepancy is found - one module uses a shortint and another a longint for the same parameter. This is somehow uncovered, and I need to summon both developers to discuss what would be "correct" and decide where the changes would go etc. 

So: is it possible to point/select the respective parts of code in those different modules, and create a code review for that - without them being a part of the same revision/changeset?

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Hi Vic,

Thank you for sharing your scenario. We already have a similar request -, but not sure yet how it can be implemented from the technical point of view. Hopefully, we'll discover a way to make it happen one day.


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