Add revisions to reviews automatically - not working with Issue id

I am trying to get setup a trigger so that commits that contain an issue id are added to the same review.

When I create a new review for the initial commit, I would expect that subsequent commits that have the same issue id in the commit message would be added to the review but they aren't.

I'm using svn and JIRA, I have also followed the steps to integrate JIRA (which works but has not affect on this issue)

This works if I add the review id in the commit message, but I would prefer not to have to do this if possible.

Am I missing something really obvious here?




Hi Joe,

It will happen only to new revisions. Historical revisions with the same issue ID wouldn't be added to the review automatically.


I have the same problem, new reviews are automaically created but added revisions with Jira Issue ID in a commit message do not get attached. Instead a new review is created every time. If I include Review ID, then it is added to existing review correctly.


What should be done to get it to work with Issue ID-s? If an Issue has more than one open review, which one it tries do attach?


Hello! What version are you on? Actually, Issue ID checkbox in the workflow settings is the only thing to make new revisions get attached to the existing review. Really strange it doesn't work for you. Could you reproduce the issue and share upsource-fronted logs here?


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