Issues when someone creates a branch review and then a pull request

So we've been migrating from Github to Upsource, and here's a workflow issue that I've come across so far. Someone will create a branch review, realize it's not a PR and then close the branch review and open a PR instead. Problem: When the PR is created, the original first review is only closed, not deleted, so the revisions from the first review aren't in the PR. If I go and delete the branch review, then they still don't appear in the PR yet, and I can't add them manually. To add them manually, I need to close the PR review and Re-Open it, so it's no longer tracking the branch and I can add the reviews. When I do that however, there's no way to tell the review to pick up the branch tracking again. If I delete the PR, there's no way to re-create the PR branch.

So what's the correct way to fix a workflow srewup like this?


Hi Gareth,

What if you do not close or delete accidentally created branch review, but will continue working with it(Accept/Reject/Merge)?


Hi Artem

Thanks for the suggestion. One of the main goals that we want to achieve at the moment is to use the Github Integration as our upper management wants our PR's and discussions to be public to other developers and PM's in our organization that don't use Upsource, so not having a PR isn't much of an option for us.



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