Default branch review title for branches named by issue tracker key

We name our branches by issue tracker keys (e.g. branch named: feature/KEY-1234) and would like newly created branch review title to also contain issue summary. Currently it contains only the branch name which makes it less informative, especially in various lists/reports, and forces us to do a lot more clicks then needed.

In the past, branch review title was generated also from referenced commit message, but had worked only from Idea plugin, and the feature has been eventually removed.

For projects with enabled issue tracker integration, Upsource could parse the possible matching issue key from branch name while creating branch review, retrieve the issue summary and generate a default review title with appended summary, e.g. feature/KEY-1234 - Sample issue summary


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This could also be used in our project! Up-vote is yours sir!

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It should be already in place if integration with issue tracker is configured correctly.

How it works:

- If branch name contains an issue ID, Upsource will add issue title to the branch name in Upsource.

- Created branch review will be called after branch name (which already has issue title in it)

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Hi Artem Rokhin.

This is not working in Upsource 2019.1.1556 for automatic created branch review as shown in the attached printscreen.

The issue summary is not present in the branch review title.

That would be very helpfully.


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