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We need a way to see all comments. Like a recently added comments section. I know there is UP-3038 marked as Resolved but the actual issue in the original post however is NOT solved. They have just added searching ability, not an actual list of recent comments as such.

Secondly, the commenting issue extends to IDE. While I can open the file in web and see all comments. I do NOT see the same comments in IDE. I only see my own, unless someone else specifically mentions me. Basically I am having a one-sided discussion if I add a comment to a file without mentioning anyone, which is stupid.

For us this is very bad as basically the entire team, who has access to the project, are the reviewers, watches etc. We all need to see all discussions.

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Hey there,

Agree, UP-3038 request wasn't fixed/implemented in all kinds, so we'll see what can be done else in future releases.

As for the issue with Upsource plugin, could you please clarify which section you are talking about or share a screenshot of it?


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