Gitlab integration.

Hi. I need Gitlab integration, something similar to available Github integration. As there is no feature for this yet, I've tried to write simple proxy which 'translates' request to Github API for Gitlab API. Similarly translates response. The main idea is to configure project as Github project but in fact hide Gitlab behind my proxy. It started to work, e.g. in obtaining oauth token process. It works for obtaining commits and comments as well. However I have a problem with retrieving pull requests. In upsource-frontend logs I found following warning:

Head not found for pull request

I filled fields for head object in response (according to Github API docs) but it still doesn't work. Maybe you could tell me what is needed by Upsource in response to getting pull requests?


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Upsource 2017.2 is able to checkout GitLab's merge requests out of the box.


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