Usource Stops Working


i wanted to give the review tool a try before peresenting it in our company. so i downloaded the most recent version upsource-2017.2.2057 and installed it on a windows 2008R2 box for testing.

i created 2 new projects and connected them with our svn repository.

at first all went fine, checkins in both projects were shown, but w/o the source files. so i waited for indexing to complete.

but after a while upsource stops working. the frontend is not reachable.

as i am quite new in using upsource, maybe somebody could point  in the right direcetion where to look what's going wrong. you need mor information about the system? don't hesitate to ask for them


any help is appreciated


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same thing. But got it after upgrade

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I am facing same issue. I am using upsource version 2017.2.2057. Daily it work for 8 HRS duration beyond that it get crashed.

Post that we have to stop server manually and again start the server to up upsource system.

We tried by increasing max perm size to 1024(XX:MaxPermSize=1024), -Xmx=4096m in below path in file (upsource.jvmoptions.dist.bak)

Path: /upsource/conf/upsource.jvmoptions.dist.bak


What could be the probable reason? could someone help me to fix this issue?

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Hey Guys,

There might be lots of reasons for symptoms you've described. And it seems that each case is individual. Please raise a support case (with logs attached) to investigate it.


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