Composer doesn't seem to do anything

When we created the project, we set a custom script for composer, but it didn't do anything and we couldn't find any log or errors to see where was the problem.

Since we couldn't figure it out, we changed  it and left it empty, so it just does php composer.phar install . The composer.json is in the root of the project, and we pressed the "Reset code model index" , but it still isnt loading it since we are getting load of warnings from the different libraries defined in the composer file.


Is there a way to see a log of why composer isn't installing or to force upsource to execute the composer so it does the code inteligence correctly?

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I am also not sure why composer doesnt work with my upsource projects. which logfiles would contain composer errors?

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just found the folder. its


inside that folder there is a subfolder (I guess for each commit, maybe for-each review?) and those contain the composer logs


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