Frustrating experience with getting Code Intelligence to work

I've been trying to get Code Intelligence to work on our Android project for days now.

I've just committed the whole .idea folder but that didn't make any difference.

Neither the UI nor the logs seem to give any meaningful feedback about why this happens.

Please help!

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There are two requirements should be completed in order to enable code intelligence for Android projects:

  • Install Android SDK (including all the required API versions and tools) on your Upsource server machine.
  • Create the environment variable ANDROID_HOME with a path to the directory containing Android SDK.

Did you do that?

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Yes I did.

I must say Upsource is not very good with enabling troubleshooting. It'd be nice to have a log console accessible from the web to understand why things don't work. Error messages are far too generic.

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That's true, maintainability is one of the things to improve in future releases.

If you navigate to Upsource logs <upsource_home>/logs/upsource-frontend/*.log are there any corresponding errors/exceptions? Anything we can start from?


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