Using Upsource with Perforce & git client (git-p4).


  We have a setup where our source code repo is Perforce and we use git command line as our client (with the help of git-p4 that does the bridging between git client and Perforce server.

For this type of dev environment is a setup guide you can point me to that will help me setup Upsource. Basically  we'd like to have pre-commit code review going.



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Hi Prasanna,

You may follow standard instruction for project creation -

As for pre-commits, we don't have it for perforce or any other VCS.

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Thank you for your reply Artem.

There's no mention about using dual VCS setup in the link you shared. Do you know if it's possible to do code review with git-p4 and perforce on upsource?


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