Ability to hide resolved comments.


when we do a review which requires a lot of changes - let's say two or more rounds of the review-fix loop - it is extremely difficult to do.

If you

  • show the comments - you soon stop being able to understand what's going on in the code, because the comments are interrupting the flow
  • hide the comments - you have can easily introduce something which has been already pointed up or even discussed and resolved


It would help if I was able to hide resolved comments and keep just the open. Also some ticks on lines which were previously commented with an optional pop-up on hover...


Thanks for considering these points


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Hi Vojtech,

I believe we already have this, at least in the latest version. A tab on the review page called "Only unresolved". Or are you speaking about a file view?

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I am speaking about the file view.

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The file view has toggle comments on top-right corner, which seems to do what is being asked here


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