C# and sonar integration

Running upsource 2017.2 here. We have successfully enabled data import from ReSharper report. Now we are trying to get sonar reported issues also being added and being reported side by side with R#.

The plugin is installed to sonar server. Additional parameters are passed to "SonarQube.Scanner.MSBuild.exe begin" command using /d: flags.

The server then reports correct values in the background task context

- sonar.upsource.project=mycoolproject
- sonar.upsource.revision=<commithash>
- sonar.upsource.token=<token>
- sonar.upsource.url=http://servername/upsource

There is also a record in build log in teamcity:

[07:28:17] :     [Step 24/25] INFO: Executing post-job Push issues to Upsource
Could it be related with the situation that we are not running upsource at root context of the web server? Can the additional logging be enabled for the upsource sonar plugin?
Or it could be that C# part of sonar integration is not ready yet, because there was no description on what features of Sonar are covered by plugin. Any kind of clarification would be highly appreciated, because the feature with external inspections is not well documented yet.
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We have advanced logging regarding external inspections. It will be available with the nearest bug fix update.

The current version you are using doesn't have much debug info, unfortunately.


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