Upsource ignores $ANDROID_HOME on Linux

I'm struggling to get Code Intelligence working.

After having realised I had to install the Android SDK, I've done so and exported $ANDROID_HOME pointing to the Android SDK location.

However it seems Upsource ignores it as, from the logs, I can see: java.lang.RuntimeException: SDK location not found. Define location with sdk.dir in the file or with an ANDROID_HOME environment variable.

Please help. Code Intelligence is why we would like to use Upsource but it's surprisingly troublesome to get it to work at all.




If you go to <upsource_home>/logs/internal/services/bundleProcess/environment.log file, there will be a list of all variables Upsource were able to detect on the server. Could you please check if ANDROID_HOME presents there and a correct path to sdk is specified there?


I can see ANDROID_HOME set in the environment.log file.

Is there a minimum list of Android components to install? Perhaps there's something missing? How could I troubleshoot that?


Android SDK is a minimum and the only requirement. Do you have a default SDK set installation?


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