Upsource not able to find certain revision when searching via commit id

Upsource (version 2017.1.1922) is not able to find certain revisions when searching in Upsource browser UI with git hash. 

For example: When I try to search revision using git hash bd17b7d48340a08f7c4a404d7cb6fe5ad685b1a0, it returns no result saying "No revisions matching your search query were found". (This revision is around 13 days old, we had faced same issue with another revision few days back which was about month old.)

Same happens when searching with short revision id e.g. bd17b7d.
Even when I try to search using commit message this commit, it is not able to find it.

I can see this commit in actual review.

This affects us badly as we have git hook in place which checks if commit is reviewed using revision id otherwise push is rejected. Please help ASAP. I tried restarting but it did not help.



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The issue was related to corrupted indexes. Quick workaround - reset indexes. The issue itself is fixed in Upsource 2017.2


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