Git housekeeping: prune and fetch with prune


I'm interested about the insides of how Upsource works with git and if it's doing regular houskeeping e.g. clean-up outdated branches or doing "git gc".

Just recently I had the problem that a deleted branch on the remote was not removed by Upsource and caused a conflict with a newer branch which could usually be solved by "git fetch --prune".

We're working a lot with feature branches in my company so regular clean-up is important. At the moment I'm doing this more or less with every Upsource update by upgrading from a backup to let it re-index the whole repository but would be good to do clean-up jobs more on demand.

Thanks for any further information.



Hi Christof,

You can also clean git cache manually (Upsource should be stopped at this point). As for automatic cleanup, we don't plan to implement any in the nearest future.


Hi Artem,

ok, that's a good option.
Just to be sure (and having this question 100% answered): Where can I find the git repository in upsource?


Hi Christof, 

Temp directory inside Upsource home folder.


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