creating upsource projects via API (missing vcsSettings docs)

Hi upsource Team,

I'd like to link our Gitlab CI via Sonarqube to Upsource. Upsource lacks the Ability to create projects on the fly (as sonarqube does when we trigger an analysis from Gitlab CI). This is why I want to run a build job before the upload from sonarqube to upsource (in case there isn't a project existing already). I got that working via the upsource API so far, but am missing the correct settings for "vcsSettings" in order to link the gitlab repo. In your forum I saw a post with settings for svn, but there seem to be missing some attributes for git:


where "vcs", "url" and "password" seem to be correct, I do not see the value of "login" in the backend. Also Settings for the fields "Authentication method" and "Git Hosting Provider" seem to be missing.

It would be great if you can point me to a proper documentation or give an example for a working (private) gitlab repository configuration.

Thanks for your help,


P.S.: It would be great if "codeReviewIdPattern" was optional or there was an API to automatically generate it as in the backend UI

P.P.S.: what is the setting for the build server (project url) in order to utilize "buildStatusReceiveToken"


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Hi Robert,

Thank you for your interest in our product. We'll add more examples to the API documentation. Meanwhile, you may try the following approach to get data you are looking for.

Upsource frontend communicates with backend via API requests. You can track this traffic via Console/Network. Where to find it? e.g. under Network tab in Chrome. Frames will contain the exact JSON that was sent to Upsource backend:


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