How to migrate existing reviews to point to new revisions if I have rewritten my git history?

We recently changed the issue tracker software we use.

Previously we had links to issues on our old issue tracking software in our commit messages. Now that we migrated to a new one we rewrote the git commit messages using {code}git filter-branch{code} to point to the same issues in our new issue magagement software. This has changed the hash of revision we modified. This has also led to upsource understably having {code}revision not found{code} in reviews.

Is there any way I can point the existing reviews to the new revisions? I do have a csv file from our migration where we two tables of old and new revision hashes.

Is all the data in cassandra, can it be easily modified? Is there an easy way to do a dump, search and replace and restore from dump?

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If you open any of the problematic reviews, will be there any message above the review title?

Also, you could try to address this task via Upsource backup. It has review data in a human-readable format, so you would be able to replace your old git IDs with a new one. And then restore Upsource on this modified backup.


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