does Upsource support merge after the review has been accepted ?


I know about the feature however it is not clear for me if it means that once the review is accepted it will be merged automatically in Gitlab EE.

once the review is accepted and closed what is the behavior with Gitlab EE.

Can someone please clarify ?


There will be a button to merge a merge request.


Does this only apply for Gitlab EE or also the free version. And what do you mean with "there will be a button..."? Is that feature already in, or will it come in an upcoming version? 


Yes, it will be introduced in the coming Upsource release - 2017.3. Planned for the end of the next week. It applies to a free version also.


Thx, for the info. Is there somewhere a road map with upcoming features for the next Upsoruce version? 


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