Source Code in Emails

I love receiving an email when there is a comment or something else I need to address. Is it possible to remove the source code from the emails though? In an attempt to keep things secure we don't want any of our code being passed around via email.


What if a comment was left on the code itself and depends on the context? According to our knowledge, there are a lot of them. E.g. "I'm not sure what this method does" or "It will be great to add tests for this". Without a context, such questions/comment will make no sense.

Or are you looking just for an alert that tells you something happened in Upsource and requires your attention? 


I think we're looking for the latter, just a simple notification that something happened and maybe with a link to where it happened. We have a lot of security rules where we work and just want to keep things safe and secure :)


Hi Andrew,

Ok, thank you for the clarification. Just raised a feature request for you -


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