Failed to import commits graph error


I tried to create new project on clean latest upsource installation (Build 3.0.4421) but got following errors:

12:12:58: Check for VCS changes completed with errors. jetbrains.vcs.server.api.VcsServiceException: Failed to construct commits graph for test{mappings: 1, mounts: 0}. Failed to construct graph for test:test. Failed to collect commits graph for test:test. jetbrains.buildServer.vcs.VcsException: Fail to update 'refs/heads/Performance' (LOCK_FAILURE).
12:12:58: Project test init failed due to unrecoverable VCS problem: Failed to import commits graph
2016-09-16 12:12:58,906] ERROR lyzer:INIT_CLUSTER-4 test ti.init.InitCommitsGraphDriver - Project test init failed due to unrecoverable VCS problem: Failed to import commits graph
om.jetbrains.upsource.UpsourceException: Failed to import commits graph
at com.jetbrains.upsource.backend.cli.multi.init.InitCommitsGraphDriver.analyze(
at com.jetbrains.upsource.backend.cli.stages.driver.InitGlobalDriverWrapper.analyze(
at com.jetbrains.upsource.backend.cli.multi.init.InitPipeline.lambda$getTasks$61(
at com.jetbrains.upsource.backend.cli.multi.tasks.MultiProjectTaskFactory$TaskExecutor$
at __.project_test.__(
at org.jonnyzzz.stack.NamedStackFrame.frame(
at com.jetbrains.upsource.backend.cli.multi.tasks.MultiProjectTaskFactory$TaskExecutor.executeTask(
at com.jetbrains.upsource.backend.cli.multi.tasks.MultiProjectTaskFactory$TaskExecutor$
at com.jetbrains.upsource.backend.cli.multi.executor.ProjectSyncExecutor$ProjectTasks$1$
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
at com.jetbrains.upsource.util.NamedDaemonThreadFactory.lambda$wrapRunnable$10(
how to resolve this issue?
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Hi Andrey,

Looks like you have duplicated branches in your repo. For example with the same name but with difference in register.

Could you please post git ls-remote output to confirm this theory?

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Thank you, duplicate branch was the root cause of the issue, issue solved.

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Why upsource has a limitation for the similar tag names (e.g. case insensitive mode of operation over the names)? Is it a bug to be resolved in feature?
Suffer the same problem having similar tags in repo (capotal/non-capital letters in the tags).


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