YouTrack integration


I try to use Upsource with existing YouTrack instance. I've set up SVN connection and YouTrack integration. It works, but I have some issues:

1) Incorrect link to commit view in YouTrack (for branch commits). For example, link in YouTrack is http://myserver/TEST/revision/branches/br1-2804. Correct link in UpSource is http:/myserver/TEST/revision/branches%2Fbr1-2804 ('%2F' instead of '/').

2) Code review doesn't connect to YouTrack issue:

Code review is linked to YouTrack Issue:

How to fix these issues?



Hi Maxim,

Do you have any proxy configured for Upsource/YouTrack?

If so, could you pleas share proxy conf? It looks like `Encoded Slashes` config should be adjusted.

Thank you.


I haven't any proxy installed. I install YouTrack and Upsource MSI packadges.


Hi Maxim,

Sorry for the delayed response.

Since there is no proxy configured for products, further investigation is required. I've converted your question to ticket. Responsible engineer will be in contact with you shortly.


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