Gitlab auto-merge after approved code review


TL;DR is there a way to auto merge branches on Gitlab after review request on Upsource is approved?

The thing is, recently we decided to try Upsource with our team since Gitlab Community Edition doesn't provide more than one assignee for merge request. I set up an Upsource server, set up and configured our projects from Gitlab and so on and now we are trying to use it. But we found it quite disturbing that after you approve someone's review request you still have to go to Gitlab to merge branches manually. Could I use something like webhooks to merge branches after review request is approved?


Hi Sergey,

Not yet implemented, however on our short list. Please watch/upvote corresponding feature request:


Thanks for your answer, Artem! It didn't come to mind to look up for similar issues on Youtrack.


Any informations when this will be implemented? It has been year since this question was asked. Auto-merge after successful code-review integration with GitLab is key functionality for many developers.



Can someone clarify if the auto-merge is possible or not ? from the issue comments it is not clear if it is possible or not.


Not an auto merge, however, there will be a button in Upsource UI to merge GtiLab merge request.


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