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I've only spent 1 day looking at upsource but this immediately jumped out at me: Can side-by-side be the default always? Having to click to get a side-by-side view seems like a show stopper to me. We are just so used to the side-by-side view here that I can't see forcing people to look at inline by default. For a single changelist we really want a single page that shows side-by-side view of each file one after the other. Swarm does this. We are considering jumping from swarm to upsource for admistration reasons but I think this would be a show stopper.


Hi Philip,

There are several places in Uposurce where inline diff is shown by default:

* Project main page
* Revision page
* Review page

Do you wanna have side-by-side diff by default on all of this pages?

Thanks for claryfying.


Sorry I already uninstalled Upsource. Just did not seem mature enough.

But it was when clicking on a changelist description and getting a list of files changed in the changelist.

Github gives you the option Unified or Split. I would always want to see split diffs, never unified. And a single page with one split diff per file. The reason Upsource was not very usable to me is you'd have to click on each and every file to get the split diff.

I'm sure this is a personal preference. I'm sure some people love Unified and hate Split. But it seems like you need to support both.


I also wish to have side-by-side view to be default everywhere where is possible.


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