Upsource loses Java JRE Destination after failed Startup?

Everytime I try to start Upsource it fails and after that it can't find the JRE or JDK anymore,
I have to restart my machine everytime so that Upsource finds the JRE/JDK again.
Youtrack and Hub are working fine without any Problem, Upsource gives me MemoryErrors even with more then 7GB memory remaining and I configured it to use 4GB.
What can I do to keep my settings for JRE and after this Problem is fixed, how can I fix my Memory problem with Upsource?



Upsource as cluster like application has various of services: frontend, analyzer, database, monitoring, cluster init and etc. Each service of cource requires some memory. The minimum recommended RAM for the whole Upsource is 8 GBs.

As for JRE destination issue, will be waiting for Upsource logs to find the root cause.

Thank you,


I attached my Logfiles,
since I have another Issue via Email regarding the Memory Problem I would like to focus on the Java Issue here


Thanks for the files.

Yes, there is such error in the logs:

Java executable of version 1.8 is not found:
[2015-12-17 20:21:46,618] upsource-frontend: - Java executable is not found under the specified directories: '../../internal/java/linux-x64', '../../internal/java/mac-x64', '../../internal/java/windows-amd64'

But it happens only after another one:

There is insufficient memory for the Java Runtime Environment to continue.

So I believe, it's related to the low available memory on the Upsource server.

Okay well as I already told you in my email I have between 7 and 8 GB RAM free while Upsource is at the final step (Starting Frontend) in the starting procedure. Is there any way to get it working for me? I can not increase the RAM any further for now and there is only Hub and Youtrack running besides Upsource and they work.



Not much we can do with this OOM error while running Upsource on the server with available system resources low than minimum recommended.

You mentioned that xmx for frontend is now configured for 2000m. Could you please return it back to default 1000m? It will limit Upsource appetite a bit for RAM.

Please let me know how it goes.


I fixed it, but I had to do a RAM Upgrade, now I have about 26GB Free RAM when running hub and youtrack, now Upsource starts too.
But my Upsource is sometimes really slow or says Connection lost in the Top Notification Bar... and I can't create Repositories through Hub even after I switched Upsource to external Hub.
When I am in the Project Wizard, after I click create Repository the Window appears but I just can click create Repository or Cancel.


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