Using Upsource efficiently: code review flow


I'm trying to review a few days of commit on a Git server.
I want to use Upsource, but I can't find a convenient way to do this.

Here's my workflow.
1. get to the project page
2. go to the bottom of the page and click 'more' to get to older commits
3. click on the first commit I want to review
4. click 'back' when I'm done.
and then loop 2 to 4 again and again.

I would expect a convenient way to just click 'review next commit' so  can get through all commits from the review page.

Is my use case unusual?
Is there a way to achieve what I want that I haven't found?

Right now it is still more convenient for me to revierw code in IDEA's version control tab.


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Hi Nodje,

Do not have any kind workaround for you right now.

However, have logged a request -, please upvote/watch it.

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upvoted, thanks


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