Directly opening code from News Feed in IDEA


we're trying to find a workflow that works for us based on Upsource (EAP).
Newsfeed seems to be a better place than the Review tab in IDEA, as it shows all the details. It also shows a link on files that were commented, but this link open a revision comparison.

It would be a nice shortcut to be able to directly open the file concerned to be able to modify the code directly. Right now, people have to read the review and manually open the file.

Additionaly, it would be nice to have an alert from the Review tab when a review is created and assigned to me.

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Hi Nodje,

Thanks for getting in touch.

You might want to follow and/or upvote the following feature request regarding plugin notifications -

As for "open files directly" please fill in a request here

Thanks in advance.


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