Tracking reviews & getting them to closure

While using code reviews I have realized that after the initial set of discussions between the reviewer and the author finish, the reviews remain open because of various reasons - the author getting pulled into other work, lot of reviews to take care off, code reviews getting ignored etc. They show up as open on the reviewers activity stream when there is nothing he could do. It is now the authors responsiblity to rework on the discussed changes and add new revisions to the existing review. I guess the tool does not stop the author from closing the review too.

Few ideas that we could brainstorm

  1. Do not allow review to be closed until all the comments do have "resolved" status
  2. Introduce a a state to the code review. The folow could be Open -> In Review <-> Rework -> Closed. The state would help to understand the current state of the review and also help in the analytics feature to give better insights

Thanks in advance.
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#1 might be implemented in terms of custom workflow, anyway I've created an issue for history - please watch it up.

As for #2, not sure if it's one of directions we want to move on, but here as another request - , further consideration will depend on number of votes.

Hope it helps.


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