10 User Free License - Actually 8 Users?

We've installed Upsource to try it out with the free license allowing up to 10 users. We currently have exactly 10 developers on our team so we wanted to let the whole team try it out before buying the 25 user license if everybody liked it, because we'll soon be growing the team.

The problem is that it seems the automatically created "admin" and "guest" users count against the 10 allowed with the free license. So I'm unable to get two of our team members into the system. Is there any way to use 10 actual user accounts with the free license, or are we stuck with 8 until we upgrade?


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I doubt there is a resolution to this - The admin and guest users are pre-populated. They too could be used for code reviews though.
Upsource provides unlimited user licenses for 60 days in case it got un-noticed :)

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Also guest user might be banned. In that case it wouldn't be counted by Upsource license.

Anyway you might request unlimited license here - https://www.jetbrains.com/shop/eform/evaluation?product=USN10000

Hope it helps.

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Thank you, the 60 day trial license with unlimited users is perfect. I requested that and switched our installation over to use that license. This will allow our whole team to evaluate it before we go ahead and purchase the 25 user pack. Thanks!


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